Think-Pink is the proud partner of The Color Run

1 out of 9 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Unfortunately, Belgium is “the breast cancer world champion”. Every year more than 10.000 women in our country are diagnosed with breast cancer. But luckily we are improving the cure for women (and also men). Also the care and the rehabilitation of patients in our country are reaching a higher level. Unfortunately, there is no ultimate solution yet against breast cancer.

That is why Think-Pink commits every single day to provide enough information, to convince women to get screened in time, to improve the care of patients, to start up specific research.

Our job is not done yet but with the support of all of you, a lot is possible. With your participation on The Color Run, you can show your engagement in the fight against breast cancer. Of course you can also support by extra donation for Think-Pink in your registration, by buying the unique Think-Pink Color Run scarf or just by participating in one of the many Think-Pink campaigns and events.

Think-Pink can help survivors with the earnings of your campaign: information package (20€), psychological entourage (90€), cleaning help (170€) or a wig (250€).

The Colorrun 2017

Sunday 2 July The Color Run Oostende
Sunday 3 September The Color Run Brussels